Duration: 5 Hours (approx.)

The full day private tour in Athens is a unique way to see one of the most interesting cities in the world that has been charming visitors for centuries. Travelers who have taken this tour were more than satisfied because it presents Athens as it is: a magical place to visit.

The full day private tour in Athens includes a blend of historical and archaeological museums, sites and artifacts that cover the entire history of the city. Book a tour by Mc Queen Transfer today and get to see the Best of Athens!


A 5 hours private sightseeing tour in Athens Visit the city of Athens, the Acropolis of Athens with its Parthenon. Visit the New Museum of the Acropolis.Visit the picturesque neighborhood of Plaka The full-day tour includes a visit to the following sites in Athens:

    • The Acropolis (Parthenon, Propilea, Erechthion, Temple of Athens Niki, the Odeon Theater, the Dionysus Theater, Mars Hill / Areopagus),
    • Temple of Zeus, Athens Gate, Panathenean Stadium (first modern Olympic Games in 1896)
    • Change of the Guards Ceremonial, Greek Parliament, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
    • Ancient Greek Agora, Roman Agora (Tower of the Winds), Hadrian’s library, Plaka
    • The Acropolis Museum or the National Archaeological Museum,
    • Lycabetus Hill with its stunning view of the city.
    • Athens Trilogy (National Library – University – Academy of Athens)
  • Professional driver with the neccesary knowledge of english.